Let's work - Mike Jagger | Alopa
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I didn't know what I could do with this shot, I didn't like it. Then I thought that these orange, yellow and green could get togheter with sepia tones. Then I kept these colors unchanged.
 (14/03/2010 @ 19:08:06 EDT)
No problem Etnagil, I was kidding too!.
 (14/03/2010 @ 15:45:03 EDT)
It was just a joke Mr Alopa, do not take it seriously! ;)
 (14/03/2010 @ 11:05:09 EDT)
Thanks for the comments. Etna mate my ten years old son was wondering why don´t you try a google search to know if they are the same person.
 (14/03/2010 @ 03:05:12 EDT)
A interesting pic and theme but i know Mick Jagger! Is the person who sing in The Rolling Stones. We talk about the same person?
 (08/03/2010 @ 23:20:01 EST)
Yes, plenty of lines to keep the eyes busy for a bit.
 (07/03/2010 @ 16:09:27 EST)
Thanks Debie.
Ivan I don't know if you are talking about the people or the image PPing. I suppose you refer to the image. I converted it to sepia keeping some elements (green, yellow and orange) unchanged.
 (07/03/2010 @ 12:40:31 EST)
Yes, very nice use of colors. Interesting how the people look almost like action figures. Did you do anything special to achieve that look? -Ivan
 (07/03/2010 @ 10:07:03 EST)
nice use of lines
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